Pre-Paid Maintenance

A smart decision now. No surprises later.

  • It’s the simple and convenient way to prepay for required services, including A and B services.
  • Mercedes-Benz Star Service Pre-Paid Maintenance allows you to “lock in” low costs of required services before your first visit.
  • Save up to 30% on future services as opposed to paying more by “purchasing maintenance as you go*”
  • Purchasing a Mercedes-Benz Star Service Pre-Paid Maintenance plan does not confine you to only one dealership for your service needs. If your vehicle requires a service when you’re on the road, or if you relocate, your plan will be honored at any authorized participating Mercedes-Benz dealer.


It’s extremely important for the long-term health of your Mercedes-Benz and the safety of you and your passengers that you have your Mercedes-Benz serviced according to its regular maintenance intervals. Check your maintenance manual or consult your authorized Mercedes-Benz Dealer for specific maintenance requirements and recommendations. For all Mercedes-Benz vehicles we recommend using an authorized Mercedes-Benz Dealer for your service needs. At a Mercedes-Benz Dealership, you will get the most up-to-date expertise on the components that keep you safe on the road, like the braking and electrical systems, fluid levels, to the condition of your tires on your vehicle.

For details, exclusions and limitations on Mercedes-Benz Star Service Pre-Paid Maintenance, contact your dealer, visit or call 1-800-FOR-MERCEDES.

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